Feedback from Parents after completing the P.E.T. course

I've been teaching P.E.T for around 20 years - which means that sometimes, I am privileged to hear from people who attended many, many years ago. Here are two testimonials from parents who completed the course several years (even decades) ago.

The Many Ways PET, And No Punishment Or Rewards, Affects Our Everyday Life.

"PET effects my life daily and sometimes in the most unexpected ways.  An example of this is when I see my two boys using it on each other.

I have witnessed it when they have started to argue with  each other one of them will use active listening or change gears.

Interestingly, they also use the skills with us and my youngest particularly pulls me up when I am not being very "PET" like.

Having a household where there is no punishment means that our children are very comfortable is sharing different issues and problems that they are experiencing at school with us, as they know that there is no judgement.  This is even if they have made a poor decision. Instead it is treated as a learning opportunity where we discuss how they could handle the situation better next time.

My children will always tell me when they have "gotten in trouble" at school.  PET has given our the relationship between ourselves and our children the most beautiful honesty.

My 13 yr old just said to me yesterday that he can proudly say that he has never lied to me in his life because he knows that he can talk to me about anything.

I also use many of the skills from PET when working with children in the support work that I do.  I often use the active listening skills with them and also changing gears.  I find when I use my PET skills the child that I am working with immediately senses that I see them as my equal. They see that I do not have that authoritarian attitude that many adults they encounter do.  Therefore, a sense of trust between the child and I is very quickly established. "

Patricia, Mother of two boys, aged 13 and 15

Learning to survive and thrive through P.E.T. skills - 20 years later.

"We attended our first PET course in 1997 when our two boys were 3 and 6 years old.  We had heard about it through our local Montessori  school and thought we needed to learn about 'peaceful parenting!'

With much insistence my husband also committed to coming along and this proved invaluable as we were able to go through this experience together and  essentially be on the same page to avoid the good cop/ bad cop scenario.  Twenty years later we continue to naturally present a stable, united, supportive and agreeable front for our children (now young adults) to bounce life's ideas off.

Our course was led by the delightful, amazingly calm and insightful Larissa Dann.  We took home weekly learned strategies to try out in many different scenarios with our children and were completely amazed at the results, not only our own relationships with the boys but between ourselves at a time when we behaved as stressed, edgy and floundering parents.

These have been life long and life affirming skills learnt.  Meaningful, loving relationships between us all that have not only helped mould resilient children but resilient parents too.

Our boys (now aged 22 and 25 years) still joke about how Mum and Dad had to learn how to become parents - and we did!

Only through PET at a critical time in our  family life did we learn to survive and then thrive and really enjoy our children.

Thank heavens - and thank Larissa Dann! An amazing facilitator to kick start our journey."

Andrea and Ben Balthazaar

Never Too Late to take a P.E.T. course - From a Parent of a Teenage

"Almost on a daily basis am I SO GRATEFUL to have done the PET course. I can talk to my teenager about everything, where I see so many of his friends struggling with their relationships with their parents. It's never too late to do the course!"

K. Mills

"Thank you for saving our relationship".

 I recently rediscovered this feedback from a Mum who completed the course around 8 years prior to her husband attending (he, too, finished the course some years ago). This is what she had to say at the time he finished his course. (I was very moved).

“I just wanted to say thanks for the P.E.T course once again.

[When my husband attended the course], he really enjoyed the time for self-reflection and hearing other people’s stories. It helped enormously when he let go his feeling that he has to solve all the problems. He said there was always something that bugged him about his parenting, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Recognising that he has needs has also helped, as has letting himself be authentic and real. Now that he has realised he has his own needs and that it is OK to meet them, he says “no” to things, or drops the children off [eg at sporting events] without feeling guilty if he doesn’t stay to watch.

He's much calmer about things now and it's created space for us to talk, which hasn't been there for many years. About half way through the course he was attending, I got really upset and went outside to let off steam. Usually, he would also get angry and stomp off out of the house. This time, he came over, put his arms around me and said, "It's OK to get angry. You need to let it out." and then just held me until I stopped crying.

This was the first time in 21 years that he has been there for me emotionally. Huge, huge step! When I said this to him he said that was good and bad. "Bad because I haven't been there for so long; good because you it shows I can change." Cue tissues!

The course has literally saved our relationship as I was at my wits end as to where to go next. It's baby steps, but the fact that I feel we are both attempting to listen to each other and support each other emotionally after 21 years is a huge thing.”

Workplace Testimonial:
"I approached Larissa to host a parenting skills lunch and learn session with my staff members as a part of our offices wellness program. Larissa supplied an excellent cross section of parenting skills including active listening and hot tips for happy parenting. The session was very well received by the staff who all learned something new to take away with them.
I liked that Larissa was well prepared and tailored the session to our particular needs. The session was interactive, interesting and a valuable learning tool.
I would recommend Larissa to any business looking to host a lunch and learn session for their staff members. She provided me with a fantastic service that I would definitely use again in the future."
K. Davis, DAON.
Private Face-to-Face Parent Education Testimonial

My relationship with my two boys (age 8 and 10) had fundamentally changed for the better as the result of attending the PET course. Even though the course is of a short duration (approximately 8 modules over two months), we now have open communication.  I have significantly reduced control through power, and I avoid values based judgement. Instead, I now Actively Listen to their concerns, and use I-Messages to talk about my needs.  My two boys understand the impact of their behaviour on others, and are making their own decisions based on their own ability to process that information.  They genuinely appreciate this outcome.
Ben Cook, father of two boys, aged 8 and 10.

Below is a selection of comments from parents, written in their anonymous feedback form at the end of their course.

General comments:

  • "I do lots less yelling, lose my temper less often.  I am more patient and understanding of my children’s needs.  I give them more of my time and attention and I think I listen better when they communicate with me.  I’m much better at communicating my needs and expectations clearly but less inclined to do so frequently.  I have all but given up reliance on rewards, bribes, threats and punishments including time out.  It just hasn’t been necessary for about the last month."
  • "One of the best things I have ever done!  Taught me so much about human relationships and how to live a more peaceful, democratic and understanding life" (father of two)
  • "I feel joyful at having discovered a new way of communicating with my kids and my husband. Its been confronting, illuminating, educational, thought provoking, cathartic and challenging, but all in a good way.  I can already see positive changes in my relationships with my children and I look forward to continuing improvements."
  • "P.E.T. has been transformative both in my relationships with my children, and change in their behaviour and mine.  I knew what we were doing as parents wasn’t working and I was despairing about the potential to “lose” my daughter as she headed into her teens.  This course has given me the tools to repair my relationships, to see and accept my children as independent people, and most importantly, to have hope for the future."
  • "P.E.T. champions the rights of children, gives them a voice.  This course and its foundations represent a significant social contribution."
  • “Most beneficial. I was hoping to get some sort of framework for my parenting methods, and I got more than that – I got an entire relationship philosophy. Brilliant!”
  • “Grateful for such valid information, presented so clearly. It has dramatically changed my home environment and relationship quality with others.”
  • “Just excellent. Everyone should do this! Great value.”
  • “Our house is a calmer place to be. We still have problems, but we are left knowing that they can be solved, at least to some degree, if not completely.”
  • “Thank you! This is a new (well to me) style of parenting I think all parents need to learn!”
  • “PET has made some amazing improvements to the relationship I share with my own children. It has given me the ability to better see/consider my children as individual people (not just children) and value and better respect their thoughts and feelings. We have experienced greater closeness and a much calmer family environment.”
  • “I can’t believe I made 8 weeks. I found myself looking forward to coming on a Monday night to see which tool I would get for my PET tool bag. The group was fantastic!”
  • “The course has given me a different perspective on my parenting. I have actively employed methods taught and reduced frustrations and yelling. The end result is a calmer me and hopefully continued use of the skills.”
  • “Great, recommend for all parents, a real mind shift for me and my wife. Optimistic.”
  • “Up until recently parenthood has been a lonely scary and mysterious experience. This course has changed all that because I got such a feeling of support, empathy and encouragement; learned many useful skills that I feel positive about. I’m feeling hopeful and empowered and more accepting of myself.”
  • “I have really developed life skills during PET. Now I am less likely to lose my temper, argue with my child and I have a greater capacity to reflect on my reactions and my body language and what communication skills I am using when I am interacting with my daughter (and partner!)”
  • “Very practical framework, based on a truly respect-filled view of children as people with legitimate needs. Please publicise PET more – the world needs it!”
  • “Thank you. Before I did the course I thought it seemed massively long. Now I wish it was longer.”
  • “Have and will recommend it to others. Life changing. Great value. Great Trainer. Great group. Trainer handled tricky personalities very professionally and honestly and respectfully. The course has restored my hope for the future.”

Effects on family:

  • “Children more confident and happy; have a better relationship with each other; more vocal in general and especially about their feelings”
  • “(children) Less yelling, more consideration of others.”
  • “Calmer. More co-operative. More involved in sorting out problems. My 5 yo is certainly more willing to help.”
  • "More relaxed.  Less conflict. More examples of considerate behaviour." (father of two).

Larissa as a facilitator:

  • “Larissa was thoughtful and provided a mix of approaches which were great/funny/interesting, and encouraged participation well. Great personal insights and examples.”
  • "Thank you, Larissa.  You’re an amazing teacher. I think that’s been part of the power of the whole course – I don’t think just anyone could have delivered these same messages.  You’ve got brilliant skills in imparting your wisdom."
  • "I thought the sessions were paced really well and had a good mix of listening and doing.  I found the role plays particularly powerful."
  • "Larissa you are absolutely fantastic! You beat all of the psychologists and counsellors we've seen through the years"
  • "Wonderful teacher.  Imparts skills in a highly respectful and empowering way."
  • "Larissa is an amazing teacher - open, honest, patient, friendly and supportive."
  • "Thank you for personal experience.  It made it more real."
  • "Role-plays . . . were very helpful in demonstrating and practicing the methods.  Larissa was great at adopting a character."
  • “Very much appreciated the examples from your own life and parenting, know that we’re all human, all trying.”
  • “Thanks Larissa. You have really had such a positive influence on me and my children. This has been a very positive turning point for us.”
  • “Terrific. Good listener and teacher. A great ability to transfer skills.”
  • “Great teacher, so thorough and respectful, lots of strategies used.”
  • "Larissa was very open and made the environment a safe learning space"


Recently Robyn, a parent who completed the P.E.T. course over 6 years ago, shared her experience with other parents at her school (via email). She wrote:

"I did the Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) course six years ago when I had a three year old and a one year old. I was looking for an alternative way of connecting and parenting my boys without having to resort to yelling, getting frustrated and yes, "losing it" with them. An out-of-control grown up is a scary sight for small children!

Larissa Dann has been teaching this course for many years (I think her eldest child is now at University) and I highly recommend this course. It taught me to stop, breathe and work out who's problem it was (was it a problem for me or was it the child's problem), how to express my feelings on the problem and how to come up with a win-win solution with the kids.

It also taught me a great deal about Active Listening, clarifying communication and generally made me see things in a whole new light. The course runs over eight weeks and I saw a huge improvement with my relationship with my children, even at that young age. I still use the skills now. It's not a quick fix and you do have to work at it but the proof is most definitely in the relationship you build with your children (and by default, any adults around you - I often use the skills on my work colleagues!)


Last updated December, 2017.